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: robert griffin, iii was back in action today following clearance last night to play on his injured right knee for the first time in two weeks. granted it was a limited version of the rg3 this team is used to. mont he got the job done in a different -- nonetheless he got the job done in a different way. >> i felt like myself out there. >> reporter: wearing a brace on his sprained right nye rg3 was limited in run -- knee rg3 was limited in running accounting for two carries and 4 yards, but he made up for his lack of mobility with his arm throwing two touchdown passes and amassing 198 yards through the air. >> i thought he did an ex had not job coming back and not -- did an excellent job come back and not having the reps last week and being able to do what he did today. >> it's not abbreviated with a running quarterback before that or whatever else anyone else wants to say. they call me quarterback because i lead the team. i'm supposed to go out there and throw the ball, assist the ball and hand the ball over to alfred. >> reporter: alfred morris rushed for 91 yards scoring his 10th touc
and action on the gun control debate. dick's sporting food is temporarily halting the sale of all rifles. others are calling on schools to arm their teachers. something virginia governor says can't be rushed. >> i don't have any policy recommendations that i'm making on arming teachers or anything else at this point. i'm suggesting our school audits need to be looked at and find ways to implement them better and find out what the experts would recommend to protect our schools wetter. >> mark warner said he's rethinking his previous pro nra position. martin o'malley will introduce registration aimed at preventing mass shootings. last friday's shooting raises new questions. >>> for the first time since the shooting we're hearing from the nra. the organization released a statement today saying we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the murders in newtown. out of the respect of families and common decency we've given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. they're prepared to offer meaningful contributions to make sure it never hap
friday weekend. >>> in football news, robert griffin, iii was back in action sunday to play on his injured right knee the first time in two weeks. >> it was a limited version but he got the job done in a different way. fox 5 sports reporter lindsay murphy has more from the rookie quarterback. >> i was playing quarterback for the washington redskins. i felt like myself. >> reporter: rg3 was limited in his running accounting for two carries and four yards. he made up for his lack of mobility with his arm throwing two touchdown passes. >> i thought he did an excellent job coming back and not having the reps last week and be able to do what he did today. i was impressed. >> it's not abbreviated with a running quarterback before that or whatever else want to say. they call me the quarterback because i lead the team. i'm supposed to throw the ball and hand it off and that's what i did. >> he had the support of alfred morris who scored his 10th touchdown of the season. like morris, all of robert's teammates were happy he was back on the field. >> his willingness to be out there and his pa
in pain with some turning to action. this march in washington calling for stricter gun control measures. president obama said sunday at a memorial service that he planned to take executive action. >> are we prepared to say such violence visited on our children year after year after year to sell out the price of our freedom? >> reporter: hoping to provide comfort, owners of therapy dogs are wandering around town with animals and they're being approached by children and adults a like. jennifer davis, fox news. >>> schools across the country and here in our area had counselors and extra police perhaps as students return to class today. they hoping the added security might ease the anxiety by students and parents. >> reporter: first graders at district heights lamar start the morning discussing a story like any other day. then, something different. >> at this time, we're going have a moment of silence. >> reporter: silence to remember school kids just like themselves who never made it out of sandy hook elementary on december 14th. it's a tough day for parents and staff. >> a moment of silen
and they are taking appropriate disciplinary action. but still, there are many questions here about what happened. many questions from parents and also from the school community. administrators at robinson secondary which is a middle school and high school combined together say they were the ones who found the gun in the student's locker. investigators say there was an. anything magazine in the weapon but they didn't release any other details about what led school officials spot locker. a letter was e-mailed to parents by the school. it refers to not a student or students involved saying the suspects with an s have been identified and questioned. parents have been notified using e-mail alerts but it doesn't sound like many of the students were told about what was going on until they got home. some parents did feel the school took appropriate action. >> i have a seventh grader who didn't know what had happened. my tenth grader had heard but it was dealt with so quickly that i think the kids felt very safe. >> reporter: again, the letter that the school sent to parents also says we will continue to
officials say they are taking it very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. still, this many, many questions that the school community would like to have answered. it was administrators at the school who found the gun in the student's locker. now, investigators say there was an ammunition magazine in the weapon but they didn't release any other details about what led school officials to the locker. a letter edmonton mailed to parents by the school principal says there will be severe consequences for the infraction. it also refers to more than one student involved saying, quote, the suspects involved have been identified and questioned. now, parents were notified using fairfax county school system's e-mail alerts but it doesn't sound like students were told at the school until they got home. many did hear it new rumor and some parents felt the school did take appropriate action. >> actually, i think i was very relieved that they dealt with it as well as they did. it sounds like it was caught quickly and the situation was dealt with and the kids were kept safe. so i
in fairfax. school insists students were never in any harm and say appropriate disciplinary action is being taken. >>> also this morning, there is a glimmer of hope there could be a new round of negotiations to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama and house speaker john boehner spoke by phone for the first time in days. no details on that conversation. the two sides are at a state mail over raising attacks on incomes over $250,000. an international news alert. there are fears that the syrian government is getting ready to drop a nerve gas on his own people. the gas is being mixed in bombs for potential use. as ainsley earhart reports, the united states is promising consequences for the gas is excused against the syrian people. >> reporter: it appears there has been an alarming escalation in the syrian civil war, the country's government preparing nerve gas bombs and awaiting the orders from president assad to use them. u.s. officials relying on surveillance said there was no evidence that this had begun. >> we have sent an up mistakeable message that this would cross a red line
, forgive me, i want to move on to one other subject, which is actually, has been holding up action a lot of people would say. senate faces a big moment on january 3rd, the first day, on whether to change the rules and make it harder for the minority to filibuster and block the majority and you both have been in the majority and both have been in the minority. senator reid is prepared to offer a plan which is called the nuclear option and would pass by a simple majority of 51 votes but a bipartisan group of senators has come up with a compromise that wouldn't change the rules as much but also wouldn't be the majority forcing the will on the minority. is there going to be filibuster reform senator feinstein, and what kind. >> at thursday's caucus we had a briefing. there are three groups of senators working on three different proposals for rules changes. it was put before the democrats for the first time, on thursday. and, we listened to it. i think there are some changes that can be made, on a bipartisan basis. i think that is where things are going, right now, to try to see what we can a
not have left the ports. >> any type of work action that may result in a suspension or stoppage of work would have an adverse affect. >> tens of thousands of other workers handling freight that moves through the ports and inland could have found themselves out of work and shipping costs would have risen, costing consumers. >> it's not just the local port area that would be affected by the strike, but the entire region and the state and going nationally as l. >> reporter: the strike would have crippled operations at all of those ports and those ports reflect about 40% of the goods consumed by u.s. consumers. phil keating, fox news, miami. >>> coming up on the news edge at 6, it's one of the most attended gun shows on the east coast tonight. they met by protestors at the dulles expo center. people on both sides of the gun policy debate are saying two weeks after the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> closer to home, the big game on the way. what do you have? >> what game are we talking about? >> coming up in sports, it's dallas week and that means something. we'll hear from both sides on
. but, the hour for immediate action is here. it's now. we're now at the point where, in just four days, every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law every american's paycheck will get considerably smaller. and that would be the wrong thing to do. for the economy, would be -- it would be bad for middle-class families and for businesses that depend on family spending. fortunately, congress can prevent it from happening if they act right now. i just had a good and constructive discussion at the white house with senate and house leadership about how to prevent this tax hike on the middle class. and i am optimistic we may still be able to reach an agreement that can pass both houses in time. senators reid and mcconnell are working on such an agreement as we speak. but, if an agreement isn't reached in time between senator reid and senator mcconnell, then i will urge senator reid to bring to the floor a basic package for an up-or-down vote, one that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends the vital lifeline of unemployment insurance to 2 million americans looki
ahead touchdown. action jackson also had a sack in that game, something he's done a lot lately, four sacks in the past five games, a big reason the skins currently sit atop the pack of the nfc east. >> you're looking for guys that can make plays. that's what rob has been able too do, make plays and put pressure -- to, do make plays and put pressure on the quarterback, make sacks, cause fumbles, seems to get better and better of game. >>> john wall breaks his silence. when might we see the wizards point guard back in a game? that's coming up. >> hi, i'm lieutenant bill hill in kabul afghanistan. i'd like to wish my wife jessica and daughter sarah and my son won't happy holidays. i miss you -- owen happy holidays. i miss you guys and i'll see you soon.  >>> the wizards are home tomorrow night against the hawks looking for that fourth win. today head coach randy wittman joked about the list of injuries his team has been hit with saying if anybody knows an exorcist that can come into this be, yeah. one of his recovering round ballers john wall was shooting baskets f
. the first legal action is underway in connection to the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. a lawyer has asked to sue the state of connecticut for $100 million on behalf of a 6-year- old survivor. the lawyer claims the state failed to protect the child from foreseeable harm. states are generally immune from such lawsuits so the suit cannot go forward unless the state agrees to allow it. >>> scary moments in phoenix arizona this weekend. a woman was kidnapped and forced to rob her bank. coworkers arrived to work saturday morning and found the woman with some kind of device around her neck. fortunately bomb squad crews were able to remove the device. it turned out not to be explosive. the suspect is still on the loose, still unclear whether any money was actually stolen. >>> protesters are gathering once again in the indian capitol of new delhi following the death of a woman who was gang raped and beaten on a bus in the city. she suffered severe organ damage in the attack two weeks ago. six men charged with murder. they face the death penalty if convicted. >>> investigators in pakistan
but it falls very shored of some comprehensive action needed to stop the horrible action from happening. >> the group says it will take questions next week. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >>> meanwhile, hollywood is demanding changes, demanding changes to gun laws. >> take a look. >> how many more, how many more, how many more colleges. >> how many more houses of faith? >> how many more shopping malls? >> how many street corns? >> how many more? >> how many more? >> that video came out friday. in it, they are asking how many more senseless shootings? itey time to demand a plan calling on leaders to act. demand a plan campaigners want new slawdges including a criminal background check for every gun sold in america. >>> we are following a story out of northeast d.c. where police are investigating a deadly shooting happened in bladensburg. the metropolitan police department said one was shot, another found in the road and another victim inside a card. the victim in the road, 44-year- old raymond harris later died. so far, no arrest. police are offering a reward for information lead
york admirals. the hockey fans are dieing for action out there and matt ackland is live with more and to tell us why business owners are happy. >> reporter: it's about the mean. you know there is a lot of businesses and restaurants, bars around the verizon center and when the caps don't play, they take a beating. when they can't take in the revenue, they have to cut back on the hours employees are hire saided and -- hired and those employees take a beating. the verizon center transformed downtown, bringing many businesses and jobs to the area and they rely on the customers. >> they get hurt the most and -- they normally would be -- and on to christmas eve right now. >> reporter: preparations are underway for a big night. the staff is added, the kitchen is stocked and standard procedure for caps games except this season, there hasn't been any and tone's minor league hockey comes at the right time. >> absorter: a similar story outside of the verizon center. >> and that is about 60%. >> reporter: when the caps play some managers double their staf
for our storminess later on today. most of this action, the storm's energy understanding will stay to the west. as it stays to the west, it will push the warmer air in the washington area. we are not talking about a major storm system. this particular storm doesn't have any real moisture to tap into. so, precipitation totals should be fairly light. we will be cloudy. by 1:00, 2:00 today we will see showers move in. at the onset, particularly west and north of the city, you saw those cold temperatures early this morning, you will be slow to warm up. could you see a mix, a wintry mix of a few snowflakes and sleet out there as the whole system moves through. be ready for that possibility. we are not expecting travel difficulties today. this will be a quick mover. it should be out of here by early evening. cloudy skies, a little sleet changing to showers. winds north and west. a cool afternoon. early showers then becoming cold overnight as we clear out. the active seven-day forecast. christmas day looks fantastic. mid- to upper-40s with sunshine. wednesday we cloud up again. better cha
hasn't had any missing trees sing putting this plan into action. >> i'd say. >> want to mention a few months old when we reported on the oldest living woman sounded like i said she was 150. testifies 115. >> i thought it was just me. >> apparently others thought. >>> coming up . using food as a tool to change lives. >> that's the mission inside a one special dc kitchen. holly, good morning. >> reporter: you are right. this isn't just any kitchen. it's the country's first community kitchen. we are live at dc central kitchen. 20 plus years they've been making a difference to provide opportunity for those in need as well. coming up, what's new how many years later. and how you can still help the mission. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. y >>> for more than 20 years one local organization has used job training, healthy food distribution and small business partnerships to change lives. and as their work continues, we're learning about what we can do to help. holly morris has more from the dc central kitchen in northwest. >> reporter: g
the situation very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. students and staff were never in danger but recognize the danger associated with any weapon in the school they will continue to monitor the situation to ensure the safety of students. that is according to the principal, dan meier. the letter that was sent by the principal to the parents reto m. the suspects involved have been identified and questioned. we'd like to get more information and make that picture clearer here for parents and students. still waiting for more information from the school system and fairfax county police. >> all right. thank you very much. >>> new this morning an update on the investigation in a possible campaign finance violations by vincent gray's 2010 campaign staff. the fbi is now looking into allegations that gray's staff encouraged some supporters to donate. city law requires the disclosure of all campaign donations to the office of campaign finance. in the past the mayor has admitted his campaign had issues but denied any wrongdoing. >>> also new this morning, a fight over a delegate
reel and the behind the scenes feature is, the remake of total recall makes its action-packed entrance. >> what did you do to me, man? >> reporter: by friday december, 21st, premium rush about a bike messenger who finds himself in danger after he accepts a mysterious package n new york, ashley dvorkin, fox news. news. >>> plenty of weather,
at the categories of animation, 21 jump street was hilarious. action, the raid. superhero movies, avehiclers, dark knight rises. it was nowhere near the dark knight. i thought the avengers was a better movie than the dark knight rises. it haa great year for films. december alone had some of the best film. s to come out in 2012. >> let's he talk about some of the bad ones that didn't make your cut. let's go with some of those first. >> starting off is the five- year engagement. what a horrible movie. look how bored they look on the poster. that was me in the movie theater. that is me in the movie theater. i told them not to use my picture. i didn't care about these pictures. it was unnecessarily depressing. >>> i don't understand how this movie was even made. i found it to be boring. i didn't care about what happened to the caches at the end. that is my number three worst movie of the year. >> what is next? >> it is only the last five minutes of savages. so the first two hours and four minutes, teasent film. decent film. very well down by oliver stone. he ruins the entire film with the worst ending
arizona state, the game's first possession, the sun devils, taylor kelly with the play- action fake and connects with ross, 16 yards for the score. the sun devils built a 21-0 lead after one quarter of play and to the second quarter, the great job alluding pressure and hits matt a kin and that cut the deaf tightity is to 21-7. late in the second quarter, 28- 7 and that is after a missed navy field-goal and goes deep. 62 yards for the huge touchdown and in the fourth quarter, navy trails 62-14. >>> the opinion stripe bowl at the stadium, syracuse and west virginia in a pregame scrum. the second quarter, west virginia trailing 3-0 and a play after stopping syracuse on the fourth down and dropped for the safety and up the middle and untouched, 33 yards for the scores and it was 12-0, syracuse. still the second quarter, smith, a wide receiver screen to steadman bailey and breaks the tackle. he goes the distance, 32 yards and that cut the deficit to 12- 7 and in that third quarter, he heads through the hole and kicks it outside and no one is catching him and they win this one, 38-14. >>>
the victim practiced one of those religions. >>> the first legal action is underway in the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the lawyer asked to sue the state of connecticut for $100 million on behalf of a six-year- old survivor. the lawsuit is over school security. the lawyer said his client heard screaming and gun fire over the school's intercom. the claim against the state is that it failed to protect the child from foreseeable harm. states are generally immuned from such lawsuits, so the suit can't go forward unless the state agrees to allow it. >>> one of the suggestions for making schools safer is to arm teachers. the state of utah is giving 200 teachers training to handle concealed weapons. claudia cowen has more. >> reporter: with the prospect of tighter gun laws in the new year, some states are trying to figure out how to navigate the spike in ammunition and gun sales. in colorado, for instance, law enforcement officials say they need more money to conduct the surge in criminal background checks which are required for gun buyers and they planning to ask lawmakers a half a m
are now turning to action. this march in washington calls for stricter gun control measures. president obama attended a vigil in newtown sunday night promising to use his power to prevent strategic dez like this. >> we can't accept -- tragedies like this. >> we can't accept events like this as routine. are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? >> reporter: investigators plan to interview two adults wounded in the shooting in the hope to reconstruct what happened. meanwhile other schools in newtown reopen tomorrow. >>> a friend of the suspected gunman's mother nancy lanza says the public does not understand how hard she tried to help her son. rich collin said nancy was troubled by her son's strangely distant behavior. he says nancy was a gun collector and naught she could help out by teaching her son -- thought she could help out by teaching her son how to shoot. >> she was trying to find ways to bond whim and she told me the guns, she would take them shooting because that was a way that, you know, a single mom could relate to her son and so she wo
exchange words offmic. a number of big votes again one having to do with the cameras and speed actions and there is another on finance reform. council member chay wants to limit money orders and that could fail tonight because of the issues today. back to you. >> and thank you very much. >>> we know the identity of a man who was shot and killed. he was shot on fort lincoln drive yesterday morning and as always, police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the capture of rice's killer. >>> your commute through parts of the district are getting faster. d.c. mayor vince gray is raising the speed limits on several major commuter routes and this is a look at some of the streets. new york avenue, bladensburg road and this is only on sections of the road. watch out how fast you're going out there. >>> metro's legal claims jumped because of that crash and the agency's claims payments armed around 30 million between 2008 and 2011 and in that fiscal year, they rose and killed 9 people and injureddity others and will stretch into the current fiscal year. >>> coming up tonigh
market gets plummeting down, then you're going to see real action. i think this is a very good sign. now boehner has to sell it to his own caucus and the president has 90 liberals or left wingers that he has to sell his part of the deal to, too. >> last few seconds i want you to look into your crystal ball and let me know what you think will happen this week in terms of the political rancorring. what big scene might we expect to see? >> i think you'll see a difference in tone because i think they'll start really seriously negotiating. they realize that time is ticking and they don't want to be a political casualty. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, as always, thank you. we'll see you next week. >> thank you, maureen. >>> pennsylvania boy killed after accidentally being shot by one of his father's guns. it happened outside a gun store in western pennsylvania saturday morning. officers say 7-year-old craig allen loffrey was sitting in a safety seat when his father placed a handgun that he thought was unloaded into a storage unit and it fired. while the magazine in the gun was not lo
taxes increase $2200 if congress doesn't take action by the end of the year. the president touted the benefits of extending tax breaks on those making $250,000 a year or less while continuing to push for rate increases on wealthier americans. >>> three, two, one! >> very busy for the president. he also put aside the partisan fight over that fiscal cliff for a time last night. joining the rest of the first family in lighting the national christmas tree on the ellipse. this marked the 90th year for the tree lighting ceremony. so pretty to watch and see that. >> you got to at least go down, drive by or something at some point. >> it is fun. >>> u.s. military ships on the move as north korea gets set to launch a rocket. we've got details next. >>> one police department is calling it one of the worst cases of child abuse they have ever investigated. details of an arrest at a day care center when we come back. three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. progresso. in what wor
is cold. we have don't have a white christmas, however, to talk about. plenty of action on the west coast. take a look at this. rain showers and a little bits of snow across areas of the mountains to the deep south. nothing happening there across the gulf. but as we head up towards the great lakes, we have a little bit of lake effect snow and across areas of the northeast seeing some snow as well. here as home, mainly cloudy skies with a ridge of high pressure moving through. that's going to hold us for fairly clear skies as we move into the course of tomorrow. these clouds will clear out during the course of tonight and the clear skies and the winds will light en up. clear skies, light winds, that means it's going to be on the chilly side. for tomorrow, we are talking plenty of sunshine. skies will be bright and the winds will be extremely light as well pushing in from the southwest. we have an unsettled pattern to talk about. we have a very strong system that had start to move it way into the ohio valley. that's going to set us up as we move through into monday to see a chance of rain s
. they will determine if any further action is required. medical experts say the seriousness of a blood clot depends on where it is. >> with the previous head trauma, may make her at risk for developing a bleed in her head. because they are thinning out her blood. it is classic and a very smart move to bring her into the hospital and observe her carefully. >> reporter: the top u.s. t diplomate was expected to return to work this week after being sidelined by a stomach virus that left her dehydrated, but she suffer the concussion after fainting due to the dehydration. this canceled her testimony on the attack in benghazi. the top two deputies testified her place.e. she has stressed he remains ready to testify before she steps down next month. >>> we're learning more about the blood clot, doctors treatint her say the clot formed in the vein in the space between thee rain and the skull, behind her right ear. but they stress they are confident she will make a full recovery. for more insight on this. let's bring in the head of the neurology department at howent university. a thanks for coming first
on the action. >> my wife and i are really big rg3 fans and they held on, a nice big sense of relief when that intentional grounding call came at the end. >> reporter: at norton's american grill a 27-21 over the eagles was like going to heaven. how did rg3 do? >> he did well. he threw for two touchdowns and an interception wasn't bad, right? >> there's a difference with this team. it's a team that really is a team. robert griffin, iii is their leader, but like they really play as a team. alfred morris has been a great back for the season. they really look good. >> reporter: what about the cowboys next weekend? >> they're playing at redskins home field advantage and with the divisional win we're pumped up and can. >> reporter: some spouses let their significant others shop while they eyeballed the game. don't get me wrong. some shoppers were here to finish last minute holiday shopping. is santa coming to your house? >> no. >> reporter: really? >> been a naughty boy this year. >> reporter: but redskins fever was evident everywhere, especially after rg3 and the gang eked out a win. >> i
by the principal and said they are quote taking this situation very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. and refers to more than one student saying the suspects involved have been identified. the school is continuing to monitor the situation to ensure the safety of staff and students. we know that parents were e-mailed about it. students were not told during the school day about what was going on. there's a judgment call there. you wouldn't want to cause alarm. but some parents said they wish their students did know about it. and encouraged parents to still down and talk with students about what happened here so they know what to do if this situation ever comes up again. hopefully it won't. >> all right. thank you very much, melanie. >> and it is now 5 minutes after 9:00. new this morning, former delegate tiffany austin is out of office. a judge ruled that austin was out of office following her october plea deal relating to office misconduct. also the nomination of greg hall to replace her can be withdrawn. this after details of a troubled past for hall have come forward.
people felt that because of the mechanism of action, the tamoxifen and the fact that we continue to see affects from tamoxifen after it stopped, that doing a large well-done study would show the beneficial affects of taking tamoxifen longer. >> and talk about the immediate impact this would have on people diagnosed with breast cancer and their treatment. >> and so at this point, you can -- it's the first day out and it was published in the lapseet study -- lancet study. by the looks of it, it's going to be practice changing. the most impact is going to be on younger women, premenopausal women who would be candidates for tamoxifen for 10 years, which is a smaller subset of women, but it's important because these are the women who are at the highest risk of having recurrence. >> you mentioned premenopausal women. if it's not an option for postmenopausal women? >> in post menopausal women, tamoxifen is affective but there are -- effective but there are drugs that are better, the inhibitors in post menopausal women. the standard of care is to start those women, post menopausal on these wome
the whole country is focused on and public opinion shifted and the court has an affirmative action case and voting rights case and, it is seen as a significant turn for the supreme court on issues of equality. when it comes to this issue, no, it comes down to, you said abortion, and i think a lot of people are thinking about 1967, loving versus virginia, and the court said, it is legal for people, different races to marry in the country. is it analogous to that, a gay couple has the same rights as a heterosexual couple? these are critical issues and a narrow ruling i think will be seen as dodging the issue. kicking the can down the road and is it you your constitutional right to marry the person of your choice in this country? i think this is an issue that is the way that the proponents of gay rights are putting it before the court is, let's look at the states and allow the states to make the decision. and, if that is the case, i think they are backing away from the larger issue. and the larger issue has to be, the court would say, it is constitutional or not. >> chris: what about the a
this situation very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. >>> who tried to blow up an atm in fredericksburg? that's what virginia police are trying to figure out tonight. sky fox flew over the scene at the virginia credit union on gordon shelton boulevard. someone called to report an explosion overnight. security video confirmed an explosive device went off around 4 a.m. it scorched and damaged the atm, but it still functions. police evacuated the bank and nearby homes this afternoon after a dog detected a possible second device behind the bank. it was nothing. they gave the all clear a short time later. >>> another big story tonight, a 34-year-old manslaughter dead, his 34-year-old brother -- man is decked his 34-year- old brother hurt after -- dead, his 34-year-old brother hurt after apparently they were intentionally run over this morning in gaithersburg. >> reporter: just after 1:17 a.m. this morning police found one of the brothers unconscious on the grass next to a sign for the avalon school. video of the scene shows paramedics working on the man several minutes, bu
action and a ban on the sale of assault weapon and high capacity ammunition magazines. but the demonstrators are gathering in part as response to this statement from the nra. >> with all the money in the federal budget, can't we afford to put a police officer in every single school? >> to me, simply adding more guns is not the right answer. >> we're seeing murderers and murder-suicides, mass shootings on all different levels. to think that somebody as big as a national rifle association thinks we should add more guns to that equation, to arm our teachers, to send to our public school system is completely preposterous. >> reporter: eddie winegarden is a director for the project against gun violence. he's also a victim. his mother was shot and killed by her husband in front of him, when he was just two years old. he supports an all-out gun ban. >> australia led a great example, where they actually purchased back weapons and gave fair dollar amount to the people that had them as they initiated their ban. i think that's something that could take place in this country. >> r
sitting with the first family pretending he was part of the family trying to get in on the family action. we had phillip phillips there performing from american idol, jason mraz and the crowd was really excited to see the fray. i had not heard of the fray. >> me either. >> thank you for saying that because if they're not on wtop, i haven't really heard them lately, but colbie caillat and ledisi and when the fray came out, everybody jumped to their feet. the president was about 40 minutes later, so you do a little tap dancing waiting. i don't know if they were working on that fiscal cliff, whatever, but the peaceful side of things was the lighting of the tree and it was really beautiful and special for a couple other reasons. it marked the 90th year for the tree lighting and that means that every president since calvin coolidge, oh, i remember when he lit that one, too, we've been lighting the trees ever since. after the lighting the president directed some of his remarks to the victims of hurricane sandy. >> and this holiday season is especially difficult for families who lost everything
sunday at 4:30 and you can catchall the action right here on fox 5. >> should be a great game. >> yes, it will be. rustle wilson, rg and andrew luck playing all the same day. >> it shows you it can be done. >> remember in the old days you used to keep the rocky. >> now, they are everywhere. >> all right. if you want to continue celebration tonight for new year's eve, we're looking fine. should be cloudy out there with temperatures falling back in the 30s. there are a lot of night activities. if you are going to be outdoors, you are going to be fine. it is going to be cool. have your puppy jacket ready to go. let's get going. here's your headline. let's start with the new year's eve forecast. nice and dry. officially the word has come down, not bad for tonight. it will be cool with temperatures only in the 30s. last year we were in the 40s for new year's eve. and not expecting rain and/or snow around here. that's good news. here are your cold temperature s. reagan national 30 degrees. 28 in leonard town. the thermometer has gone crazy. it's been all over the place. it's saying 47. igno
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